Tuesday, June 6, 2017


G'day world!
Why am I making this move?
Even the basics are impossible to work on this bloody platform.
Look at my website. Looks unprofessional don't it?

Now consider these facts;
  • Living in the land downunder, I can't register a domain name (fancy jargon for I can't get rid of the .blogspot in me bloody web address!)
  • Notice how my site doesn't have one of those bars up the top with 'home // about // travel // recipes etc...' ? When I had one, you could click on one of the options like travel, but it would come up with, like, this page is not available. 
  • Apparently it's not SEO friendly. So basically it's hard to rank in Google search?
  • You can't put in relevant tags, like you probs could on Wordpress. So that's another point lost in SEO, right?
  • Plugins. That buzz word. Apparently It allows for maximum business and SEO right?
So, I am changing from bloody Blogger to Wordpress.org with Bluehost

Oh and the final reason: having hit rock bottom these last 3 days, it was time to start fresh;

Even after a dark few days, I'm thrilled to start a brand new blogness (blog and business merged)

Must be warned about the not-so-glamorous parts of getting into of blogging in full grind. Will it be hard? Yes, knowing that sipping a martini on a beach in Bali is only a highlight. It doesn't depict the blood sweat and tears that I must brave if I want to take blogging to the next level. But will it be worth it? We'll see about that! If blogging sucks too much, I can always go back to/continue the traditional daily grind, or look into a more suitable career path. Who knows. I don't have every day of my life planned, but the Lord does. 

So, how about updating you guys on the brand new blog? Sorry Blogger, but Wordpress.org has knocked you out of the competition. Sincerest apologies; competition, and more so, losing a competition, sucks.

Anyway, while writing the previous paragraph, the 2000's classic Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield was playing on Spotify. It goes the rest is still unwritten... #lostforwords. 

Have an awesome week ahead guys and have fun!

See you on the brand new blog to come! 


Wait a minute and pin it?


  1. Well done, and welcome to the world of Wordpress! I made the move from an html-code website to WordPress on TWO sites at once thanks to a hefty push over the edge by evil-minded hackers. It was one HUGE learning curve, not helped by recent knee surgery so my brain was still fogged up, but I did it - and I don't regret it in the least. Apple-ginger Tonic. A refreshing drink with oodles of health benefits.

    1. Thank you! I look forward to wordpress hoping it's all it's made out to be; the best blogging platform in the world!

  2. All the best with move! I hope it goes well and you get to go what you want to do in your blog.

    1. Thank you! If blogger is all it's made to be, I can do more than on here!

  3. You will certainly enjoy WP much more, very user friendly compared to Blogspot.