Tuesday, May 2, 2017

the best things in life are the simple, such as food...

Hey guys!
What foodie adventures have you been up to lately?
C'mon, you know who I am!
Anyway, one of my best  food-ventures (see what I did there?) was in fact at home.
Not a five star restaurant.
At home.

Starting with pannetone. 
Wasn't my favourite, as it had a prepackaged sorta taste to it. 
But it was the ultimate arvo tea comfort, torn and soaked in tea/coffee.

An awesome fika, but soon I had a better one!
First, I followed the strict rule to get cosy before getting stuck in.
Loose fit pants, (not the depressing squeeze into skinny jeans!)
Ugg boots,
Comfy floral top and a cardy (cardigan).
Only the best.

Now for the best part;
Freshly brewed coffee, defs with milk and maybs with cream (the best!)
Freshly baked cookies, made with love by hosted travelers.
These folkd love to bake, so I may gain a pound or two when they're over!
Honestly tho, you can buy a pack of cookies, or even bakery ones, but it won't beat home baked.
Especially when there is an original twist;
Some oaty sorta texture in there! 

Doesn't end there.
A French couple who were visiting made this fantastic Italian risotto.
Creamy rice with peas and parmesan and... what else?
It was phenominal!
Proof, if ever needed, that homecooked meals don't have to be boring!
In fact, the best food-speriences can be from the comfort of home.
For a fraction of the price at an expensive restaurant!

But the real show stealer was dessert.
Fresh from the oven carrot cake
*heavy breathing, just remembering how bloody good it was!*

 Couldn't resist, took a second serve.
Worth every calorie and washed down with good ol' tea!
I could risotto more of these five star food-speriences at right at home!
No need to drive to a restaurant and pay a hefty bill for your meal.
You're welcome.

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  1. At the moment I am looking forward to a great cup of cofee with mybreakfast so this post really spoke to me.

    1. now that's simplicity at it's finest. You enjoy!

  2. Simple food is the only way I really go. I don't like complicated. Sure, I appreciate the complexity of some dishes at restaurants, but over all, I just want things PLAIN! Salt is good enough for me!

    1. Yeah, I read your post last night about the coffee cake recipe and that was quite simple, and much lower in calories and nasties than that prepackaged garbage. I'd like to try it!