Friday, March 31, 2017

S'moreo Slutty Brownies

Of all posts this is the one I am most excited to share with you guys!
Ladies and gentlement, let me introduce...
*Drum roll*
Smoreo Slutty Brownies!

This recipe is a fushion of two of The Londoner's smoking hot recipes, Slutty Brownies and Smoreos.

No more fancy intro, just get started down & dirty!

To create this monster, you will need:
2x milk chocolate blocks
1 pack marshmallows
2x pack oreos
box brownie mix
box cookie dough mix
plenty of eggs and butter for the mixes

Directions as follows:

pop marshies on a tray and grill em under the oven grill (or a fry pan if you don't have an oven) and watch them with your life!
They burn in a flash, so take 'em out when golden, not crisp or you will waste these precious babies.

You want it to be no browner than what I made it.
It was a bit borderline.

Now for the fun part.
(trust me, toasting the marshies is the hardest part! The rest is easy like Sunday)
Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius.
Mix cookie dough according to the box's instructions, adding a little extra butter & water.
A little, like an extra teaspoon of each!
Grease a baking tray, cover with baking paper.
Squide and lather the cookie dough as the base, shown above.
Split (how do you explain?) each oreo like above.
Okay, that's another hard part; splitting oreos without breaking them. 
It only takes a little practice and after that, it's easy like Sunday.
Push it open from the side of the oreo that has a wider gap between the two biccies than the other side, if that makes sense.
It's okay. You'll get there.
Aim to have all the oreos unbroken, but if that's impossible, chillax, it's still the same slutty treat m'kay!

Without further rambling, next steps:
Split the oreo and pop one half on the cookie dough base.
Spoon... some toasted marhsie goodness onto the oreo base, followed by a piece of chocolate (or vice versa).
Close the S'moreo and repeat until the tray is full!

Go on cheeky, gobble up the leftover marshie & oreos!

But get back to business and start mixing the brownie batter.
Or if you're super efficient, you already started mixing the brownie batter while building the s'moreos!
Anyway, when the brownie batter's done and the tray is full of s'moreos, pour liberally & evenly across your masterpiece!

Pop in the oven for 30m to ensure gooey goodness inside!

Be a cheeky bugger & lick the damn bowl.

Serve warm & gooey.

Admire your ability to create such a dainty work of art!

Your payment is a delicious, slutty treat to make your stressful week that much more bearable!
Yeah serve it with your massive teddy and some cold milk (or warm. Or both!)
Serve it however;
Over the campfire (s'moreos, like tradional s'mores)
Under a fort,
Make an OTT milkshake out of it! I'd like to do that!

Or serve family style.
Proceed with caution if you have a conservative family not on board with the 21st century. slutty OTT treats.

Or/and serve with coffee!
Because coffee makes everything better.
Even the humble coffee goes with this OTT slutty treat!

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  1. Replies
    1. Do try it! It's probably the best thing I've whipped up this year. Checked out your guide, a really good heads up for girls soon to become women!

  2. Ummm...These will be my next pregnancy indulgence. ��

    1. Maybe that will be mine too... hopefully after I'm ready for that!

  3. Wow those look delish. Messy but amazing. p.s. I think it's a crime if you don't lick the bowl, lol. Have a good weekend.

    1. You're exactly right, why the f would you rinse the bowl without licking that precious goodness huh?

  4. That really looks delicious, will try your recipe for an Easter treat! :)

    1. Easter! Any excuse to stuff your face with chocolate XD but really, this is a real treat for easter, a rainy day or any day for that matter!

  5. Those look too good for words, probably gained about ten kgs just looking at the pictures.

    1. the summary of this treat! (as if, overindulgence lol!)

  6. That looks Ah-MAZING! I could probably eat a bowl the size of my head!. This is definitely a keeper recipe.

  7. These look insane! I don't think I'll enjoy broccoli for dinner much tonight haha.

    1. Ugh. Neither would I. I have been accustomed to hating veggies but loving brownies me whole life. I wouldn't have it any other way!

  8. I started drooling looking at this. Delicious!

    1. doesn't errybody drool over this ish aye?

  9. Oh my, this looks like the messiest, sweetest, most sugar-coma-inducing recipe I've ever seen! I want to eat it all, but part of me thinks I'd barely be able to handle one bite. I'd still give it a go, though 😍

  10. Omg! This is a heavenly creation! I'd love to try this myself, but first I need to fit in extra workouts before and afterwards haha! The photos are already making me drool!

    Sabina | I've Got Sunshine

    1. screw the workouts, just bake and lounge about and let those pounds pile up. They'll go away soon!

  11. Looks so delicious. My next task is to make one now

  12. Of course I see the deliciousness after I leave the store *insert crying emoji*! Ugh, will def have to make these asap!!!

  13. I'm definitely making these. Thanks for the recipe!

  14. This looks so perfect and delicious!