Sunday, March 26, 2017


 Hygge is taking the world by a storm!
And for a good reason.

Candles, hot bath and fresher flowers.

 Flash on

Flash off

Matcha latte to accompany all that, one of my latest obsessions.

Matcha chocolatte. See what I did there?

Friday night movie night. Watched The Witches, based on the classic by Roald Dahl.
Movie was released in 1990 and is practically unheard of now.
Found out about it on de interwebs.
Popcorn, flowers, pot o’ tea, Danish flag.
I would say I’m not Danish, but I am related to the Kruckows, a few generations back.
And the Kruckows are Danish.


Hazelnut truffles. Got the first two free to sample, before going on to buy 3 more.
So sweet and creamy.

I think I found the magic formula to make a decadent hot chocolate or Chocolat Chaud like they do in Paris;
Use milk powder.
And use it liberally.
Update: I used milk powder to make a hot choccy today and it tasted like crap!

Now this is not Parisian, but more American; add a bunch o’ marshiemallows.
They make life better.

Okay, neither of these methods are Danish, but hygge don’t have to be strictly Danish or reserved for the winter.

Happy Sunday!