Thursday, March 2, 2017

How to be Happy by Doing State Changes - Recap

How are you guys going with your state changes?

Life changed?

Forgotten about them?

That’s totally okay, it’s easy to let one lesson slip away as you get on with life.

In fact, I learned this lesson a few times over a few Free Spirit Girl workshop, and I basically forgot about it or didn’t bother practicing the rest of the time.

But as life has gotten tough these days (ain’t life always tough anyway?), lessons from FSG have sprung back to mind.

While they won’t solve the world’s problems, or even individual problems, they can be powerful coping mechanisms.

Starting with state changes, again.

A recap from the other day; it’s impossible to feel depressed while your body and face is in a happy and excited position.

Give it a crack; look up at the ceiling, light up the eyes, grin wide, outstretch your arms and push your shoulders back.

Now stay like that, and feel depressed.

It’s impossible, right!

Next step is to change your focus.

I’m terrible with this; I have a habit of stewing on negative thoughts.

People say things that upset me, and I don’t take it with a grain of salt.

I take it with a boulder.

Not healthy at all.

I could change that!

Let’s start with a focus on positive thoughts.

I have breakfast in my belly and lunch in my bag.

Access to transport to get to classes and work. And the airport of course.

The weather is lovely; semi overcast, not too hot or cold and so-cosy-let’s-drink-tea/coffee.

The weather for snuggling in cardigans.

Having a stable job. Job losses happen daily, but I’ve been privileged to have kept the same job for 4.5 years.

And it comes with a liveable wage, retirement plan, laundry allowance and the occasional double time.

Calling on the Lord to help me continue to keep this job.

Other than that, there’s very simple things to be happy about;

Living in a very liveable part of the world; Low crime rates.

I can leave my bag unguarded to go to the toilet and come back to my bag with everything still in there.

It’s gorgeous where I live; lots of palm trees, deep blue seas, clean air and kangaroos.

It feels inappropriate to talk about what’s good in my world, but it’s an example.

What’s good in your world?

There is always a reason to be grateful;



Lunch breaks

Your favourite song on the radio

Legs that can walk

Your morning coffee of course!



Now how about the people you spend time with?

They can make a huge impact on your success and happiness;

You have the right to cut out people who make you unhappy.

Okay, sometimes your own co-workers can make you unhappy but you work with them and refuse to quit your job.

But you are tough! You can take on the world, starting with the strength to work with people who 
don’t exactly want to work with.

But sometimes you do have a choice; who do you spend breaks with?

Do they make you unhappy?


Pump you up?

If someone picks on you at break, get up and leave.

Make yourself a cup of tea and retreat from anyone who ‘makes’ your life unliveable.

I say ‘makes’ in quotations because no one has the power to make or break your life.

But, some people feed depressing thoughts more than others.

The best way to lose weight?

Cut out people who ‘make’ you miserable.

The whole world will be lifted off your shoulders, so you’ll certainly feel lighter!

Anyone telling you that you’re a loser and will never amount to anything?

Cut them out!

Literally walk away from them!

On social media? Unfollow!

Turn negative into positive, too!

Got rejected from a job, or 10?

Maybe you were never meant to work there, but there is something else out there for you.

There’s something for everyone, keep looking!

So that’s about it for today’s post, except one more thing;


The powerful 5 letter word that the world’s happiest nation lives by, apparently.

Basically, means cosiness.

#lookitup and give it a crack J


  1. Love it! Great post! Keep posting ...

  2. Be Positive, from inside out.! Changing our thinking is easier than changing the world. Peace!