Tuesday, March 14, 2017

First of the New Cam

Desperate to build me blog, I was faced with the pressure from professional bloggers insisting that you buy a super expensive camera to get your photos noticed.
But seriously, most people don’t have the budget to splurge on an extortionate camera when they’re just starting out.
I compromised and went on the hunt for a camera that takes the best qual pics at a reasonable price.
I finally found a camera that takes good photos valued at $350.
But as a Christmas special (it was that time of year), it was down to $200.
For that price, I was quite happy with the qual.
Here are the first pics I took the arvo me baby arrived.
What you think?

Eucy trees

Wild rabbits. Impossible to catch.

Yah I took a close up of a truck.

Cliché nature shot.

Jetty beach. Moving onto a boat could be fun, or it could be nauseating.

The Aussie beach bird that snags your fries like there’s no tomorrow.

A more conserved kinda nun bird here.

Jetty stroll

People love dining al fresco.
Who’s to blame in such a lovely climate?

In fact, this is, Coffs Harbour, one of the most liveable towns in the world per climate, apparently.
If you are on the road/train between Sydney and Brisbane (or Goldy, Byron…) I recommend a stop in Coffs Harbour.

Anyway, I’m side tracked.
I don’t have the camera info on me, but it’s a Canon something.
The very camera for bloggers and photographers with big ambitions but not-so-big budgets.
Perhaps one day I will splash on a $1500 legend of a cam, but that may never be necessary.

But we livin’ in the right now, and I don’t want to become obsessed with a meaningless number ie a price tag.

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