Monday, February 13, 2017

Orara River Kayak

The other weekend my father Mark & I set about on our canoes.
Of course, being the dedicated fisherman he is (not his profession, his hobby) he set about stopping every couple of minutes to catch a fish.
Stroke lucky a few times;

See the full story here
Has it got to do with the president of Murica?

I spent all evening swimming, canoeing, laying back & taking pics of the fish Mark caught. 
As I set off swimming footloose & fancy free, I hurt meself twice.
I rode a very smooth, really solid 'waterslide' along a rapid, before hitting my tailbone on a lil' rock pokin' out. Owwchh!
I also grazed my face & shoulder on an underwater log as I was pushing off under the water.
Adventure is getting hurt in the wilderness.
In the end, we didn't take any fish home, but we got a big fat local voyage out of it.
Do you really need to fly across the seas to have an adventure?

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