Monday, February 20, 2017

Tea & Books

So the other Monday, I gave this a crack.
Forget the cruel 7 day exercise challenge, or the even crueller 7 day juice cleanse/detox/whatever.
This challenge is actually soul enriching, not soul destroying!
So I happily went ahead with it. 
Starting with Monday! 
The first night was supposed to be a break from screens. 
Well, I only took my eyes off screens the last few minutes to an hour before bed, as I was too committed to batch out 7 blog posts to schedule over the week; one for each day.
Monday is my writing day, where I push myself to write my 7 posts for the next 7 days.
I often get caught up in social media &, like tonight, I am cramming 7 posts before bed.
Bear with me, I can improve with practice.
Anyway, here is day one of seven.

Not part of the 'challenge', but is hygge; pot of chamomile tea at The Happy Frog

The last few minutes before bed;
Wickedly thick hot chocolate.
Lavender scented candle (unlit, awkward I know)
White flowers.

Never too old for a children's stories collection aye?

London looks nice in those pics...

Happy Monday! 
You'll never see me do a juice cleanse, but you will see me doing the 7 day hygge challenge!

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