Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sydney Whirlwind

Sydney may have sadly dropped out of the 10 most liveable cities in the world, but from my experience as a tourist there, it's pretty liveable!
December last year I took a long weekend in Sydney for my brother's graduation from med school.
A 3 day whirlwind of chilling with the sister, poppin' bubbles, eating my own body weight in ice cream, public transport, overpriced drinks at a VIP lounge, mid city parks, architecture of all sorts, perfect weather and death from sugar.
Wrapped it all up with a little stopover on the way back, at a hilltop with a view.
That's why there are pics some pics that are not Sydney, but the way back from it.
Semi out of order.
Have a cup of tea or coffee, and something sweet to nibble on. 
There will be photos.
Lots and lots and lots of photos.

Sydney was a dream.
I forgot about how much life sucks and had the time of my life eating my way around the city.
Oh and by the way, the belly shots make it look as though I'm pregnant when in fact it's a food baby.
That's right guys, a food baby.

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