Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Stepping Away

Blogging requires a lot & a lot of computer time.
But I love it, expect for when there's haters & the computer decides to play up.
It's none of my business if someone hates on me, & it's out of my control when the computer or the wifi decides to be an inconvenience.
Despite the copious amount of computer time; writing, editing, emails, social media (my weakness aye!), there is absolutely no crime in going out for a refreshing swim on a hot Australian summer day.
In fact, not experiencing & embracing the stenching heat would be the real crime.
embracing the stenching heat? I hear you say?
Well, unlike supposedly most people around the world, even Aussies themselves, I like it hot; I would rather be swelteringly hot than kind of cold.
That's why I refuse to travel to Europe in the winter, despite the magical Christmas vibe in the winter wonderland it is at that time o'year.
But the best things about sweltering heat?
You don't have to rug up in a billion layers &/or spend your life savings on heating, only to still  be cold to the bone.
Also, in one sentence: dipping into the refreshing waters.
Worth stepping away from the computer for...

...Only to be more productive when you get back to the screens.

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