Thursday, February 9, 2017

Raining Manala

How is everybody's summer/winter/dry season/whatever heck else the season could be where you live?
Most summer days in this part of Australia, over this season, are hot, dry and ridiculously sunny.
Below are pics from an exception; a rainy summer's day.
Actually, it was still technically spring that day, because we had manala on St Nicolas day.
Manala is this pastry of little men that you dunk (poor buggers!) into hot chocolate.
A couple who were cycling were over to gobble up those poor lil' buggers.

 A table cloth my mother 'Maman' brought back from Alsace, France.
I have many photos from Alsace, where my mother's parents live, if you guys are interested. 

 Have an amazing day! 
Set the intention and you will. 
More on that in another post, if you're interested.
Much, much love x o <3 p="">

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