Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Nutella & Pesto Whip Up

Holidays are for whipping up your fave recipe.

Find this recipe in this "Happy Cookbook"
The best recipe for Nutella fiends who react harshly to commercial Nutella.

Bedtime is for cuddling up with a hot cuppa tea & a gigantic candle.

And summer is for feasting on these beauties. 
Ain't nothin' like mangos that bloom like rabbits in the summer in Australia.

& whippin up pesto.
No specific recipe followed, just threw this n that together.

Missing lid? Use an avocado shell (is 'shell' the right term?)

Avocado pesto bruschetta. 

Shout out to Kobo, the website selling the happy cookbook under the link provided.
To Lola Berry, the author of The Happy Cookbook

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