Sunday, February 12, 2017

Harbourside Market Foodie

Quick post before I hop into bed here.
The other week I went to Harbourside Markets in Coffs Harbour & ate like a king.
Use this as some foodspiration if you're local or happen to be traveling to the humble Coffs Harbour.
Started with sampling the hot sauces. 
With absolute caution. 

Kimchi crackers.

Rice flour cakes.
This stall was run by a couple who used to teach me circus as a 10 year old.

All sorts a jam. 
Tried the lemon myrtle one.

Coffee berry tea.

Some people love to go on about bloody turmeric.

The pesto kinda one was the best by absolute far.

Sampled most of the dips at once. 

Melon. Did not sample, but took a snap happy shot before your eyes...

My absolute weakness; fresh, rustic bread dipped in olive oil.


They're nacho lunch, they're my lunch, now back off!
Jks, come back babe, I love you!

Chocolate dipped waffle. Meh, skip it.

But don't get me started on the doughnuts; I already rambled on about it on IG and in my IG catch up post!

I had a second doughnut immediately afterwards.

C'mon, sold?

Now that is fine art.

Veggie samosa. I don't survive on sweets.

But my sweet tooth rocked back up quickly as I got a double scoop gelato in a waffle cone, the way I always get it.
Went for the maple-walnut and the pistaccio, in the sprinkle cone. I know nuts and sprinkles don't go, but life = short.

Washed all that decadence down with a decadent matcha latte; my new obsession!

Still hangry when I got home, I devoured these satay 'noodles' inspired by The Londoner.

The next day or something, avocado & pesto toast happened.

If you are in Coffs as a local or a traveler, check out the Harbourside Markets, open every Sunday.

Maybe we'll see each other there!

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  1. My goodness! I love pickled green tomatoes and kimchi. Looks like you had a blast trying everything. Now I'm hungry. :o/