Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Glamping With Loolie

Not too long ago Loolie (my sister Lydia for all you normal people) & I were off to Darlo (Darlington Beach Holiday Park for all you non-Australians out there) to go...
...*drum roll*...
Glam camping for those who are not up to date/ living under a rock/still living in the 20th century.
Wake up m'kay!
Alright, I'll let you off.
Come join us on our glamp-venture.
But first, breakfast!
Matcha mango smoothie bowl. 
So creamy yet refreshing at the same time.
Topped with a lil' granola that tastes better than it looks.

Back to glamping; I went off topic right from the beginning.
Basically, there are two main types of glamping:
"real" glamping - where you actually pay an arm, leg & a vital organ to sleep a single night in a sorta-tent sorta-'proper'-building where your 'tent' is all set up for you, & you just have to crash into the marshmallow-like bed & pay $60-per-head for room service. A big mouthful of a sentence, I know, but y'all get the picture.
The other sorta glamping: DIY glamping. This is when you are bloody penniless but you just need to bring the glam into camping, so you do have to still pay for it but with more effort & less money. Well, that is camping when you have to set up for yourself, cus ya got no money, but bear with me; you don't just pitch a tent, blow up a mattress, make your 'bed' & toast a few lame marshmallows (boring.)
Absolutely not! You gotta go to all the effort to make your home for the next couple of days look pretty.
Mosquito net, purely for decoration.
Inflatable mattress (bonus points for the proper mattress you put on a bed, but it's impossible to carry in a car!)
Actual s'mores; you'd be stupid to just toast a marshmallow & eat it as is.
I don't care if you're not from North America, s'mores are a glamping necessity, m'kay?
Anyway, after all the hard work pitching the tent & setting up the interior, the glamour started to shine;

I suck at selfies, but here's me at the glamorous pool. Lol, you can't even see the pool, how lame of me. Actually, there were two pools (note the plural) & a hot dang spa.
How's that for glamping?
Loolie & I shared a Kinder Bueno & nibbled on addictive Cheeto balls, something I shouldn't eat as a 'vego' due to the bacon flavour, if it's even real bacon; is it?
Well, they're pretty unhealthy, & iron clad addictive, whether vego or not.
My sister & I, like cool kids, hung out with Nico & Chris/Kripsy/Krispy Kreme.
He is commonly known as Krispy, & so I get reminded of Kispy Kreme & I call him that.
With that in mind, I may have distracted myself from writing to look up a recipe for Krispy Kreme doughnuts... but that's a story for later.
We hit the pool where I lingered around for ages while the others headed back to the tent to eat, as I wasn't hungry.
After a while it started to cool down & I figured it was time to go back to erhm base camp.
Base camp? Flip no, that sounds like pitch a tent here and there as you hike up Mt Everest & suffer from frost bites, cold-induced hanger & limited oxygen... urgh.
Okay, new name; Base Glamp!
Yeah, that's better.

Everyone had already eaten & drank, & Nico & Krispy Kreme had left.
But I hooked in to the champagne & already prepared spinach & feta pockets & greek salad 
Brownie glamping points to Lydia for preparing the food before hand, so we could actually relax properly!

The cooking I did was experimenting...
With fairy lights, buckets of Pukka tea & Spotify booming.
Now that's how you cook like a pro, yo!

The following night was filled with a happy heart & night walking.
But that's a story for tomorrow.

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  1. I love the tent! What an amazing way to spend valentines day! This is such an adventure and I'm from the west coast (USA). I would be very frightened to go that close to a Kangaroo!