Sunday, February 19, 2017

Checking Out My Old Pinterest

It's happening!
3 years ago, in 2014, 17 year old Viv dreamed hard of seeing Scandinavia, like, Norway or Sweden, in all it's glory.
She pretty much perved on pics of that Swedish red cottage amongst the woods, another Swedish home beside a lake in the snow & the Stockholm Public Library.
She knew she was born to meet Scandinavia.
Even if she was a billion miles away in Australia.
Not born to pay bills & die, that's for dang sure.

Fast forward three years, now a 20 year old, in 2017.
She is thinking back to her 17 year old self & seeing how dreams actually come true.
Because now she has a trip to Norway & Sweden planned for the summer of 2017.
Watch this step, airfares & accommodation will be booked as soon as possible.
All this time she had the opportunity, privilege & ability to work & save towards this indescribable adventure.
She couldn't be happier.

The other day, chilling out in The Happy Frog, she stalked her own, old Pinterest account, to trace back to the first pins that depicted her dreams as a 17 year old.

Notice that in one of the pics is Stockholm Public Library.
Now I made you look (it's actually there!).
Never mind if you don't find it.
The point is, now in 2017, miss Viv is off to Stockholm as part of the itinerary for the one and only Scandinavia trip!
& it's very far fetched for a young adult in Australia to fly out to Scandinavia.
But it's happening!
Proof, if ever it was needed, that dreams do come true!
Even dreams that seem extremely far fetched.
But I'm not done yet; stay tuned for the real adventure when I (if willed) set foot in the real Scandinavia this (northern hemisphere) summer!

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