Saturday, January 14, 2017

The uncensored truth about being a responsible citizen

And just like that, at the site of the fireworks & never be like you pumping, 2016 is over.
Time flies don't it?
That could be a reminder that there is no time to waste on doing what needs to be done.
When I say doing what needs to be done, I naturally mean eating a beast of a brunch.
If you've never had brunch, what the heck are you doing with your life?
Wake up! 
Wake the heck up & get your hot dang life together, m'kay!

So on New Years Day, my neighbour Bronwyn & I, being the responsible citizens that we are, went out to do just that!
Over there I got a lil' chuckle outta dis:

Attracted by anything interior design that's pretty, I naturally whipped out my camera & got all snap happy! Look!
Maybe I have a thing for ladder shelves. 
Bloody Pinterest does that.

Backyard goals. Especially the blackboard & the sandpit.
Again, dang you Pinterest!

Okay, I've seen more interesting dining areas than this though.
Ugh! Pinterest your making me so hard to please!

Ladies & gentlemen, meet Trojan.
He is Bronwyn's dog. 
He is really full o' beans & will jump on you upon greeting!
you can dance with him & he loves to lick your ears when you tell him, 'not my ears!'
over to the food. 
But be warned: the delicious looking photo below may cause extreme hanger!

um I tried to warn ya.
Maybe it's my fault for making such a smashing choice: poached eggs with good-greasy mushrooms, a hunka sourdough toast, leafy greens, smothered in kale pesto with a side of avocado.

attempted to take a sightly yolk shot like what you see on Instagram, but I didn't come close to the standard.

A bangin' first brunch of 2017.
You can find Beachhouse Cafe, Woolgoolga here.
If you order the poached eggs, mushroom & pesto on sourdough toast, or any savoury meal for that matter don't add salt & pepper or you will destroy it, M'kay?
That will undo your effort at being a responsible brunch eater!
Or maybe just add the most minimal amount of salt 'n' pep. 
As little as humanly possible.
Now go & get your life together, be a responsible citizen & eat brunch, m'kay?

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