Monday, January 16, 2017

Sydney Desserts - Which Ones Are Worth The Splurge?

Hola everybody!
Planning a trip to Sydney & don't know the best desserts to indulge your sweet tooth?
You're not alone. I was lost, too. It took a long weekend in Sydney, an extreme food coma & great weight gain, to find out the dainty sweets that are worth splurging on, & the rubbish ones to skip.
Anyway, here is your ultimate guide, to sweet indulgences that are worth it & ones that are not...

Churros from Mad Mex- Worth it!
First night in Sydney I stuffed my face with everything
Groaning, I decided it was time to stop eating.
But then churros.
Churros were novelty so I just had to squeeze 'em into my already-stuffed belly.
So crispy & delicately sugar coated on the outside.
Steaming & doughy on the inside.
Kissed with decadent choco sauce.

Dollar Soft Serve from Mizuya (1.00 AUD)  - Worth it!
Okay, not the best ice cream in town, but for a dollar, it's a bargain!
Great for fixing that soft serve craving without:
a. Spending an arm & a leg.
b. Resorting to McDonald's soft serve.
What more could you ask from a dollar?

Extreme Gelato, Ferrero Rocher from N2 - Worth it!
So richly decadent all over with a crispy, crackin' chocolate layer on the outside.
Kissed with an injection of nutella.
Plus, you get to see your ice cream being made by nitrogen.
Like a nitro-genie* granting your wish for ice cream!
I'm sure all the other flavours are great too, not just the Ferrero Rocher!

Yogurberry FroYo - Meh Skip It
A hungry mistake.
Just crappy frozen yogurt & (literally!) cold hard candy.
Cold hard candy sucks.

Gelato at Darling Harbour or Circular Quay; Somewhere near the Opera House (I forget where exactly I got it. Sue me.) - Worth it!
Okay, let's just say, gelato in general is worth indulging in.
You cannot beat the sweet, creamy, rich & icy texture & taste of gelato, complimented with your fave flavour. (except for the green tea soft serve - more on that later)
Am I wrong?
If you tell me I'm wrong, I don't wanna be right!

S'mores Hot Chocolate from The Choc Pot - Meh Skip It
I was sold by the looks & name of this hot choc.
However, what I tasted was, eh, average.
No better than what you whip up at home with milk & chocolate powder on a stove.
Better yet, cook the real thing for something S'more delicious. Far S'more delicious.

Soft Serve in Fish Cone at Zero Degrees - Worth It!
There is absolutely nothing like a dainty soft serve, held together by a dainty fish pastry.
What's more: an exotic red bean paste tucked inside the fish pocket!
Go treat yourself to one of these bad boys to see what I'm on about!

Soft Serve Wrapped in a Fairy Floss Cloud at Aqua S - Worth It!
If there is anything better than Italian gelato, it's Japanese soft serve (like I mentioned earlier).
Sorry Italy, I love your ice cream, but Japan does it better.
Mmm, artificial flavours, striking colours, sprinkles, perfect softie texture, so neatly presented...
...supported by a crunchy & colourful waffle cone.
Sold & hangry?

Max Brenner Hot Chocolate - Meh Skip It
Just like the S'mores Hot Chocolate - nothing special.
Make your own hot choc at home, it's not worth the arm & leg you have to pay for it.
I think I might move on now.

Chocolate Sea Horse at Guylian - Worth It!
Got that craving for sweet 'n' rich, but have little capacity?
This one is for you!
Nibble this lil' baby to your heart's content, because we all know that there's no calories in little foods.
Cheers to that!

Tamayaki Ice Cream Balls - Meh Skip It
Okay, not that bad.
But I would much rather save my sweet tooth for something better.
Such as the next one...

...Green Tea Soft Serve from Chanoma Cafe - Winner!
Green tea soft serve in general is the winner.
Smooth, soft creamy goodness with the acquired green tea flavour.
If you have not tried Japanese Green Tea Soft serve...

...You. Simply. Have. Not. Lived.

Basically, enjoy with abandon all the soft serves, gelato, churros & Belgian chocolate, but skip the froyo, ice cream puffs & hot chocolate.
I have learned from a long weekend in Sydney, an extreme food coma & great weight gain, which desserts I recommend & which ones I dismiss.
How about you?
Bonus Question: Which one of these desserts is at the top of your to-eat list?

*Nitro-genie pun inspired by this outlet.


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