Wednesday, January 18, 2017

so bored at dangar falls

The other day I went from coast to mountain with my father & a traveler from Holland, Loes, to see my father's parents.
A very chillaxed Sunday at my nan & pops over lunch & home plunged coffees.
Desperate to connect back to the interwebs (no wifi at nan & pops) I ran around town on the hunt for a wifi hotspot.
No groovey internet cafes in that humble lil' town, I settled on a picnic table that allowed me to snag the free wifi from the library. I probably should not have done that.

My father, Loes & I went to Dangar Falls.
Sadly I didn't take any swimmers, so I had to sit around & wait while Dad & Loes went swimming in the lush waterhole down below.

On the way down we took a jolly good dose of nature.

Look! Niagara falls! You can really tell it's been raining!

Could only paddle.
I'm often not very keen to go swimming anyway.
Don't get me wrong, I love the liberating feeling of playing in cool, refreshing waters, but I also love to stay warm & dry.
Or I'm often simply too lazy to change into my swimmers, hop into the water, have a shower & get dressed again.
Plus, when I've just washed my hair, I don't particularly feel like un-washing it in the water. Even less if I've just straightened my hair, like today.
Anyway, the world does not revolve around me...

Look at how green & lush this looks!

People enjoying the water.

Uh oh, back to Vivi.
She walked back from the waterhole to the park, waiting & waiting oh-so-bloody-bored & waiting for dad & loes to return.
It's okay, they were probably having fun swimming, but I was 

blergh. Was so eager to get back home.
But I don't want to go on complaining; I can't afford to destroy my soul being negative again, like I did last year (& still regret it big this year)

If you're wondering, dad & loes finally returned & I drove (ugh, driving sucks it's so expensive & time-consuming; lose-lose) home. 
At least we arrived safely home at last.
Was just so eager to get back home.

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