Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Can you actually cram a mammoth feast of fries, a burger & a shake all at once?

I waited patiently for the clock to strike 5pm...
To try this hot new burger spot.
I always crave a good burger!
Plus some salty, fatty & carby fries.
 & last but not least, a thick, icy, tall, sweet & creamy milkshake.
To wash all that artery-clogging goodness down.
 With more artery-clogging goodness.
But can you do it all at once?
Let's investigate...

first thing first I'm a realist the menu is short, simple & cheap but bloody unique, mate!
If you think the menu's just a sum of a simple burger, plain fries & a strawberry/caramel/other standard flavoured milkshake, you're delusional!
Well I don't blame you if you've never seen the menu, but have been to many boring burgers!
The menu simply a selection of burgers, fries & shakes.
But far from boring!
The burgers are meaty, saucy, cheesy & unique.
The fries are loaded with irresistible toppings.
The shakes are nothing short of imaginative.
Please excuse the quality, but look!

Don't forget the ambience!
Full of like-minded Aussies (maybe foreigners too) dressed casually & coming in for a good feed.
If you are planning to go to Australia & you wanna gain insight into authentic, local life, come to a cheap burger in a small town, like here in Woolgoolga, NSW!
That's the waydago, honey.
Just make sure it's a fun cheap burger, not a radically boring one, m'kay?
Look, ya really can't go wrong with colourful murals!
Can we take a moment to gawk at?

Anyway, back to the burgers!
I opted for the Grainsta & loaded Guacamole fries.
The loaded fries were an easy choice because guac was the only vegetarian option. 
The burger, well, I'll have to keep coming back to try all the vego/pesco options.
Speaking of which looks a little... little (did not think to get the extra patty; doh!) but the fries?
Oh la la, they are a load of fries are loaded in a big fat dollop o' creamy goodness, followed by fresh & peppery jalapenos.
Quite the treat!
Look, the fries are loaded with avocados & jalapenos, which are technically vegetables!
The burger patty is made of quinoa & it looks like there's a few pickles in there
Therefore it's healthy meal, m'kay? 

Don't burger me, I don't wanna be jalapeno saucy negativity!
Being saucy is bad, m'kay?
Unless you're saucy, as in, you drizzle Heinz on your burger & fries.
Being cheesy is bad, m'kay?
Unless it's cheesy like this:

mmmm are you hungry?
I know you are, ya poor burger!

After much devouring & blowing my nose every 2 seconds (hot dang ya always get jalapeno errybody's nose in the form of...)
Mission demolish-a-burger-&-fries-in-one-sitting accomplished.
Now the table looked nowhere near classy, in fact it looks plain trashy.
Quite literally!
Trashy food invariably ends in a trashy mess.
Fancy food always ends in an elegant 'mess' of, well, a lil' residue on plates that are then neatly stacked with all the cutlery, glass stacks & used serviettes on top, before being taken by the elegant waitress & the table still lookin' pretty & fresh...
But burger getting jalapeno descriptions of fancy restaurants, I'm being saucy keeping you waiting!

Alright, here I am anticipating the round two!
Just be prepared to see the real me, looking ridiculous.

Sipping the Carnival Shake does that. 
We all look ridiculous when we taste something ridiculously good!
I warned you.

But you know what's really bloody ridiculous?
This shake!
fairy floss & popping candy.

Taste the rainbow.
Kick back & experience nirvana.

Such a trashy shake ends up as, well, trash!

Now it's official.
You can cram a burger, fries & milkshake in one sitting.
Well I can.
Maybe we shouldn't do it too often though, or our systems will be crammed with cholesterol!

Have you ever stomached a burger, fries & a shake in one sitting?

PS find this bad boy of a burger spot here
There's a pic of a towering burger sitting on top of a milkshake. 
So down for trying that!
Are you?


  1. dang! That is intense! I don't think I would try that myself because that's massive and so many flavors mixed at once. ahaha!

    1. how about a burger for brekky, fries for lunch & shake for dinner? XD or go really really hungry then try. I was super hungry that evening!