Thursday, January 12, 2017

Being alone is actually unparalleled to being lonely

It's time we all learn to conquer our fear of being alone.
Read the title m'kay?
Having said that, I put this into practice at At the local Jetty Carnival.
A night to myself.
Was bit uncomfortable to begin with.

Then I started to get a lil' snap happy...

above & below; great rides for your lil' ones!

Staff at the game stalls kept stopping me to have a game, but I had something better to spend the meagre earnings on.

But first, a calm-my-nerves walk on the jetty.
Was not nervous about going on rides, I was actually nervous to be out by myself!

Back at the carnival, while lining up, I found a cute lil' dog, & made failed attempts at shooting a puppy selfie


Before long I got all whizzed around on the Whizzer.

& took a cheesy selfie, hand looking awkward there!

But this ride was where the fun really began. 
Before it begins, there is an announcement, 'attenzione!'
followed by a mid ride call to 'scream if you wanna go faster!'
Good one.

The night out was polished off with a ride on the Skywalker, & a second ride on the cyber party.
Pretty much my ideal night to self!
Who said that being alone parallels being lonely?

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