Friday, January 13, 2017

Attempted DIY White Russian, happened to be bloody awesome for the first 'shot'

summer calls for long beach walks, beach hair & practically living at the beach!

& shellebration. A lot of shellebration before you go back to being freezing at your desk.
Let's not think about that now & just enjoy the warm sunshine, m'kay?

Find this book here, a detailed summary of one of, apparently, one the happiest countries on earth.
Reading about Norway & in fact anything (positive) about Norway throws some happy glitter on me.
Norway is calling me to come on over & visit.
It's obnoxiously expensive & far, far away from Australia, but there is Norway I would even think of giving it a miss!
Watch this step, I'm finding a Norway to go there!

Recipe for healthy nutella can be found in this "Happy Cookbook".
Thanks Lola Berry!
It's what we've missed out on our whole lives!

What's your favourite mug?
I am obsessed with this babushka mug.
Got it for 50c at an op shop.
Find another babushka mug here & a pattern laden mug that comes with two placemats; one Babushka print & one polka dot. 
Quite the treat for a thoroughly hygge night in!
But I'm not giving away my babushka mug to noone, not even to a Russian babushka herself, & definitely not you!
Back off, it's my mug!

Summer calls for sparkling water. For Christmas my brother & his wife got me this notoriously gassy thing
Seriously, it seems to be powered by beans.
Now if you think drinking water is boring, just this one a shot!
The bubbles will make water drinking fun!
Oh my goodness I'm such a child at heart.
look! First bubbles now this!
C'mon, you're never too old to swing, m'kay?

Summer also calls for white sandals with gemstorn denim shorts & floral tops, especially when they are light blue. (excuse the fact that the items I'm wearing vs the items in the links are not the same!)
Summer basically calls for blight* blue. Blight blue shorts, blight blue blouse, blight blue ocean, blight blue sky!
*means light blue, bright blue or both. Combining the two words makes the summer life so much easier, mate!

For my last (aha well one of 'em) drinks of 2016, I attempted a White Russian cocktail.
Used cooled coffee, coffee ice cubes, 1.5 shots o' Smirnoff & the compulsory full cream milk.
Devastatingly I did not have any coffee liqueur.
 I'm afraid I'll have to make it again.
Leaving out liqueur is not very Russian, is it?
I was a naughty girl & also drank a topped up shot of Bailey's & a glass o' Coke Jack into the new year.

Please leave a link to your happy snaps in a comment below, whether it's a snap happy blog post or your IG feed. 
Peace out mate x

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