Saturday, January 21, 2017

another day, same foodie

I don't really feel like writing tonight.
I am grumpy, tired, it's my bedtime & I have left this to the last minute.
But pushing myself to pump out 7 blog posts a week, or one every day, I have to finish.
Just write what I can before hitting the dang pillow.
I'm the crankiest mother- right now.
Looks like my happy time of the month is coming.

Loes ruined my healthy eating plan with these like, Dutch apple pastry pockets.

But I did get snap happy over pastries & candles.

Are you a sucker for dipping your pastries/biscuits/cakes in tea/coffee?

I know I jolly well am!

Okay, I know this post was short. I am attempting to post 7x a week, but if it's all just short, scrappy posts, what's the point?
Whatever, I plan to keep this posting 7x a day thing going, which can allow me to practice writing a lot in a short period o' time.
A jolly good skill to develop, aye?
No go & enjoy a delicious pastry & cup of tea, even if it's 40 degrees where you live (it gets like that here in Aus!)
Actually, if you are in Aus & the heat is stenching, have a tim tam, bite both ends & drink some cold milk through it like a straw.
It's bloody good mate, now take after me dang influence & do the tim tam straw thing, m'kay?

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