Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Affordable Glamorous Camping - just practicing for the real thing

My sister & I are planning to go glamping this summer.
For those wondering, glamping is glamorous camping.
Think of camping, but with soft beds, armchairs, fairy lights, wifi, champagne, gourmet cuisine & tables dancing with candles & flowers.
& of course, s'mores, but not just a couple o' 'graham crackers'* sandwiching toasted marshmallows & a hunk o' chocolate.
Oh hot dang it no, I'm talkin' next level s'mores. 
Check out me Glamp board on Pinterest to see what da heck I'm on about.
Now that you're back after taking your sweet time stalking, cheeky, I practiced setting up a fancy-pants table for the real thing.

NB: It seems like America calls them that. In Australia, I think the equivalent is digestive biscuits.
A burst o' candles, flowers, life-sized wine glasses & *proper cutlery & crockery
*I know that sounds silly, but nota bene: if you're gonna go glamping, bring the real thing from home, not plastic crap, m'kay?

What do you prefer? Flash on or off? Comment your preference below, thanks!

Mum poured us both some of this naughty bugger from like, Sweden I think?

Now for the salad.
Don't you groan, I'm a notorious salad dodger myself, but this was not a bad one!
A blend of watercress, hazelnut meal & roasted pumpkin. 
Probably coated in a dressing of some sort, too.
Dang I was hangry that night!

NB: Please excuse the quality!

A very juicy selfie. Lol jks, that's anything but juicy!
We followed up with a hearty homemade knoephla to compensate for a light salad.
What on earth is knoephla, you ask?
I might release the recipe soon, so stay tuned!

This glamping-fancy-dinner practice is very far cry from that trashy dinner I had in the previous post.

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