Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lunch With Loolie & Christmas Displays By David Jones

After an eventful morning of sleeping in and getting lost trying to hunt down green tea soft serve, I met with my sister, Lydia.
We went to a cafe for a lunch of actual substinence and not just empty calories.
But first, coffee x (please excuse the exfoliating burns on my face)
Sipped a delicate cappuccino like a conservative Italian lady. (okay totally stereotypical, I've never been to Italy.) 

Lydia had the falafel wrap. I guess she know's that there's life outside planet meat! Mwahahaha!

I went for the mushroom burger and fries. Took aaages to get through as it hurt to chew! Must be all the sweet tooth indulgences. More like sore teeth!

As we digested Lydia went and showed me some Christmas displays by, okay I forget! Sue me. Lydia, who did these displays?

Oh right, David Jones. Ahahaha. Lol.

 Just some authentic north pole vibes in the Australian summer.
Queen victoria buildings. It seems like every city department store looks the same; Sydney, Moscow, London, Paris... anyway...

  Lydia and I headed to her place. On the way...

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