Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lonely Pancake Stack - Single Serving Pancake Recipe

This recipe is the same as this one, except that I've just made it easier & used butter instead of oil!
It was the late afternoon of NYE, & I was starving.
I looked in the fridge, thinking, what should I eat? I'm famished. & it's NYE, so calories don't count.
How 'bout a rockin' stack o' pancakes?
Then, this happened...

1/4 cup plain flour
1 tspn baking powder
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp butter (whoopsees I misread tbsp as tsp, sue me!)
1/4 cup milk
1 egg
Pinch o' salt (take it with a pinch o'salt; if you have no salt, leave it out & it will still probs be delish!)
extra butter for frying

Blender (I use this bad boy)
Tiny tea sift (this recipe is a teeny tiny single server fo' teeny tiny bellies!)

How to:
Sift all dry ingredients into the blender
Add wet ingredients. Hack: crack egg into a ramekin first to check it's a good one.
Blend like a pro
Heat frying pan & add a lil' butter (butter makes errything better)
Fry a good ol' patty, size don't matter. You could make it wide, like a French crepe, or do lots o'lil ones, to make a towering stack. Your call mate.
Flip when patty bubbles. Let it sit a few moments. Whack it onto a plate, mate.
Flippin' repeat. (see what I did there? I'm like the queen of lame puns)
In between stacking 'em, place another plate upside down onto you plate o' stacks, to keep em fine and warm, yo.
When yo stack is ready, drizzle a glistening o' maple syrup & some extra butter, nutella & good quality vanilla ice cream. Vegetables = fo' wimps.
If you're still famished, whip up another batch. I know ya wanna, ya cheeky bugger! *Ahem* I had seconds. *Ahem.*

The best way to eat 'em is to skip the stack & just eat 'em fresh & hot from the pan as you go. Then you always eat 'em when they taste the best, not when they are cold & boring! Dip 'em in melted butter & maple syrup & sandwich a lil' ice cream then stuff it in yo' mouth! (maybe I'll do that next time, sounds like fun!)
Also, if you are going to stack 'em, put on the butter first, let it melt, then add errything else. Hunks of cold butter are nasty! You could in fact melt the butter than drizzle on that buttery goodness! Mmmm...

flippin' enjoy mayte. Cheers, happy new year!

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