Monday, December 19, 2016

Brother's Graduation Dinner

My sister-in-law's Auntie and Uncle hosted a celebratory dinner to commend my brother's success.
Starting with bubbles!
bububububububbububub! (okay. I'll stop)

Before helping ourselves to a hearty main course o'ribs, salad, roast, couscous...

Loolie & Nico.

;) sly lil' food snap. This is blogging, not conservativism! Aha!

Cheers big any-sized ears, cus we all know...

Size don't matter! Drink to that! Whew!

It's a pool o' red...

Cake by the ocean served family style...
Look! It looks and tastes like a very innocent, angelic cake, kissed with summery  berries and served on a white plate and a white table...

After a while we wrapped up dinner. Credit to whoever did the dishes that night! And those who cooked!
The hosts let me stay the night in one of their rooms.
Hmm, a shanty youth hostel or a comfy room to myself in their flash house?

(silly sloppy selfie)

...What a no brainer!

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