Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday Stroll && Fika a Riviera (best coffee in town!)

This morning I was footloose and fancy free.
I took real advantage and went for a long stroll, mildly to excersise as the fit French people (apparently) do, but most of all to get hold of a coffee that is said to be 'the best in Woolgoolga', at a cafe, Riviera Top Shoppe, rated 5 stars. 

Some beautiful, sunkissed views were captured during the stroll.

Blue skies, palm trees... Woolgoolga is a beautiful spot on the earth!

A bangin' display of dainty baked goods, keen customers and busy barristas. (shout out to all the barristas who do a remarkable job delivering our morning coffees so quickly and effectively, on a daily basis, all over the world!)

You can take a seat in the retro lounge (no photo, sue me), or sit out in the glorious, fresh sunshine.

I bet you can guess which one I chose! 
Under the kissing sun, with a biscotto and cappuccino.
Sitting down with a coffee and a baked good, what the Swedish call, 'Fika'.
Go Sweden! 

The coffee was so smooth it tasted like it had been through a filter.
The biscotto was crunchy and delicate, but not overly sweet. Perfect vehicle dipped into the frothy, creamy cappuccino. You could feel it break in your mouth, unless you dip it long enough to become softer.
Can't complain about the quality!

Some more beautiful creation was captured on the walk back...

Happy coffee drinking bakery eating!
Now go out and enjoy the delicious sunshine while it's here, got it?

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