Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Darwin Days (Northern Territory, Australia)

Last July I took a holiday in Darwin and stayed with my brother Jack, his wife and their baby for a week.
1 week of native wildlife, eating my own body weight, swimming in various places, casual strolls, a gloriously warm climate & connecting with nature, all off the beaten track. Not to mention, being shouted red wine on the plane on the way there, and getting to chat with the flight attendants (one career path I'm looking into) and watching 1990 classic 
The Witches (eats time) on the plane back.
A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let the snaps do the talkin'...

Happy travels everyone! Or if at home, home sweet home!
ps this is one of my first blog posts of this blog, so please excuse the beginner nature of the writing & photography :) cheers!


  1. Congrats on your first post!
    One little advice I'd love to give you is to pay attention to the pics size, because they're not showing properly. It's a shame as they're very interesting!

    The best for your next post! :)

  2. Lovely photos and from the view of it it looks like a great weather in Darwin. I'm sure you had a nice time!

  3. Best wishes on your ambition as a flight attendant! ;)
    And best wishes for the success of this blog!! :)
    Gorgeous pics & the alligator looks fab!

  4. You seem to have enjoyed your trip to Darwin a lot. All the pictures have come out really well, especially the last one with the alligator. :)